Ayurveda 50-Hour Teacher Training

This course will deliver the potent and ancient teachings of Ayurveda in a way that deeply honors its roots while making them immediately accessible to all.

  • Ayurveda is growing in popularity and demand
  • As Individuals we find ourselves searching for ways to to move closer to balance 
  • We all have amazing wisdom and healing capabilities that are just waiting to be unleashed! 
  • The comfort of a supportive and trusted community can make all the difference and is actually an imperative part of our collective growth. 


 Heal Yourself - Heal The World

Ayurveda teaches that as we move towards greater balance within our selves , we simultaneously move the world around us into greater balance. There has been no better time to both receive and give the gift of healing and transformation to ourselves and those around us.

Durring This 50 Hours You Will...

Traverse the physical and subtle bodies of the body, mind and spirit through study of:

  •  Gunas
  • Doshas
  • Philosophy
  • Herbology
  • The Chakra System
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation

And so much more!

Dates & Times:

August 23rd-25th Sept 13th -15th Oct 4th-6th Nov 15th - 17th  

Fridays from 7:15-9:15PM, Saturdays 12:30-8:30 (with an hour dinner break), Sundays 12:30-4:30PM


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